Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Little Rose Studio

Meet Cynthia Kalmanides of Little Rose Studio out of Norwalk, Connecticut.

"I am a wife, mother, and professional designer. I run my business full time out of my home (some days without a sitter, so it gets pretty crazy around here :) I am dedicated to my shop and always finding ways of improving my craft. I find passion in DIY projects around the house, and I look for inspiration everywhere.

I started my shop out of a desire to create, and work for myself at the same time. I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where I earned a degree in Fashion Design, and shortly after moved to NYC to begin my career as a fashion designer. Along the way, I learned to design graphically and realized that I loved it more than working with fabric. 

After years of experience as a "graphic fashion illustrator", and other positions in the fashion field, I began doing freelance graphic design gigs on my own while working full-timeAfter settling down and having a child, I decided being a work-at-home mom and running my own small business was the ideal job for me. I had designed some of my daughter's event invitations and thought that would be a path I would truly enjoy, and so Little Rose Design Studio was born. My daughter's middle name is Rose, so that is where the name derives :)

I am a one-woman show here at Little Rose Design Studio, I do it all from designing to customer service. (Days without a babysitter means I do it all during naptime!). I conduct seasonal research to be on trend, but work hard at each design to make them all unique from anyone else's. I do have my own style, and any artwork used in my designs is all illustrated by me, making every creation truly original."

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