Friday, July 3, 2015


I am by no means a photographer, but I like to fool around with my camera. This holiday weekend we’re going to play with sparklers and see what kinds of pictures we can get…

I have found a few tips for taking sparkler pictures:

  • Plan ahead – the darker it is the better, as little ambient light as possible. 
  • Use a tripod or a level surface to lay your camera down – the person taking photos shouldn’t hold the camera, any movement at all will make photos blurry.
  • Set the camera to a long shutter setting if you have a shutter priority choice (5-10 seconds depending on what you are writing), or the fireworks setting if your camera has it.

The technique:

Hold the sparkler away from yourself, and move quickly. If you’re writing letters, draw them backwards.

Have fun practicing and experimenting!

Vanessa Felie, aka "Queenvanna" juggles a husband and two blond pixies while running her burgeoning paper arts and crafts business, QueenvannaCreations. Her job and family inspire her to create crafty projects for holidays, vacations, as well as times when there's just not much going on. Perpetual calendars and other home items, scrapbooking album kits and personalized gifts of all kinds - She looks to add a little flair to everything she makes, to put some extra fun in to daily life, as well as special occassions.
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