Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Kingfisher Lane

Meet Cory Hunter of Kingfisher Lane out of Guilford, Connecticut.

"I have found such peace, walking the beaches of my life. Collecting bits and pieces of shells, pebbles, and of course, sea glass. I have collected it since I was a kid. I always look down on the tide line, or my feet to see what the waves have brought in.

I decided about 5 years ago to do something creative with my best finds. I love to look it all my glass in various bottles, but it brings me more pleasure to think of something I made, from something old and outcast, being worn and admired. It is very mystical, sea glass. What was this shard before? How was it discarded? There is nothing like a walk on the beach to lighten the day's load.

I learned the basics of beading from my sister. I have taken some classes, and was lucky enough to have had a good friend to guide me.

There is nothing like a walk on the beach to bring on that peaceful feeling. I love to walk on my favorite beaches. And then to find a 'jewelry grade' piece of sea glass. It is such fun to determine how best to showcase the glass. And then, at the end of the process, someone may favor me with a sale. The circle now complete.

See more of Cory's work in her Etsy shop
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