Monday, July 20, 2015

One Thing: Process Time


Do you know how much time each of your tasks take in your business?  Timing your processes can help with your productivity, give you an accurate way to price your products, and possibly, help you achieve a work/life balance.

Next time you are about execute a single process to create an item, be conscious of the time it takes. How long it takes to make something you sell should be part of it's total cost. (For product pricing advice, I think Megan Auman has the best ) The ultimate goal in being a creative maker is to pay ourselves a salary. The time it takes to create must be a tangible and accountable factor in this goal.

Not everything can have a set amount of time in creating (such as designing, painting, photography, etc.), but you can set limits or time periods that work best for you. Email, social media, accounting, packaging, shipping... there are so many things that take your time. When you know how much time these things take, it empowers you and your business to make solid choices.

If you do One Thing for your business this week, mark your time and use the information to your benefit!

Cyn Thomas is the illustrator, designer and pattern maker of RiverDog Prints. Her paper goods and gifts are guided by earth, animals, function, food and cocktails. You can also find Cyn canning in her kitchen, walking her dog, being outnumbered by her boys and husband or reading herself to sleep.
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