Monday, September 28, 2015

SEO for Etsy: Part 3 - Implementing Keywords

In the last exercises you created your master list of SEO keywords and identified your front runners. NOW you need to implement them into your listings to make your items visible to your audience.

Here is how this works.

Etsy uses your product titles and your product tags to locate your item in a search. So your most powerful keywords should be in these spots followed by variations i.e. Color. Any open spots is where you will start sprinkling in the remaining items. If you have different listings for similar items then stagger the remaining keywords between the listings. By doing this you are pushing the boundaries of your visibility.

Now even though Etsy does not use your item descriptions in their search algorithm - Google does. So make sure that you are reinforcing your entire internet presence by including your strong keywords in your item descriptions as well.

Remember to periodically refresh your keyword list as trends or times of year change.

Happy Sales!

Written by Alonda Baird-Juhasz, owner of Designer Dwellings, who believes in adding color to life. An avid DIYer, sparkle-loving, all things fabulous addict, her shop features bright and fun home decor accessories and gifts. When not in the shop you can find her interior decorating or visual styling events and photo shoots.

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