Thursday, September 17, 2015

Local Love: The Blissful Teacher

 Learn about Beth and her family-run business, The Blissful Teacher.

The Blissful Teacher LLC is a family business that my hubby, daughter and I started two years ago.
My father owned a business, and I always looked up to him and his work ethics. I'm a teacher and also wanted to create a line of products geared to those in education.

The most popular in all of our stores is lavender. Customers are encouraged to choose our essential oil mists based on their individual needs. Someone with mood issues should choose wild orange, sinus sufferers should choose peppermint, etc.

Working full time and being a taxi driver for my daughter takes quite a bit of time, and there aren't enough hours in the day! With that said, it took us a full year to get into Whole Foods. Also, we can't restock or follow up with all of the gift shops we are in as regularly as we would like to.

We have met so many great and helpful people at craft fairs, where we started, and shops we are in now. We were a Martha Stewart nominee, and have been featured on What's Trending on Elvis Duran!  Also we have been featured in several educational articles.  We are setting up some CT fairs for the fall.

The Blissful Teacher
Beth Wrobel (860)622-1449

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