Monday, September 21, 2015

SEO for Etsy: Part 2 - Keyword Strength

You have created your master keyword list - so how do you know your most important keywords? Simple - search them.

Actually type your keywords in and hit search. Look at the listings that come up. Should your item be in this group? Think about the buyer that is clicking through. If you used the word "rustic" as a descriptor does it make sense in this setting or should it be adjusted to "shabby chic"? 

The searches that your item would fit into best should be highlighted. These are your strongest keywords and the ones that should be most present in your listings. This does not mean that these other keywords are useless! It just means that these are the bright blinking arrows that direct the buyer to your amazing listing.

Note: On the bottom of a listing are the tags used for the item. These are clickable and will bring you to a search using that specific tag.

Written by Alonda Baird-Juhasz, owner of Designer Dwellings, who believes in adding color to life. An avid DIYer, sparkle-loving, all things fabulous addict, her shop features bright and fun home decor accessories and gifts. When not in the shop you can find her interior decorating or visual styling events and photo shoots.

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