Monday, September 14, 2015

SEO for Etsy Part 1: Identifying Keywords

You have an amazing item, you set up your listing, you hit publish and then poof your item vanishes into the sea of other listings.

So how you do you get YOUR amazing item found by buyers? SEO!

Search Engine Optimization. You need to leave a bread crumb trail of keywords that will lead buyers towards your amazing item.

Step 1: Creating your keyword master list.
  • Go to Etsy's search bar and start typing in the obvious and basic descriptions of your item. Etsy will now provide other variations of what you are searching. Write those down because these are words/terms that are being used to find similar items.
  • Expand your search into those variations Etsy provided for you and a new set of options should open up. Write those down. Rinse and repeat.
  • Now include descriptors in your search. Is your item "modern", a "houseware", "home and living". Think of the categories Etsy puts their collections in. Write those down.
  • Lastly is your item included in a current trend or time of year? Is it ombre, color blocked or holiday? Add those items to your list.

At the end of this you should have a solid list of SEO keywords that you can now use to strengthen your item's visibility in an Etsy search.

Written by Alonda Baird-Juhasz, owner of Designer Dwellings, who believes in adding color to life. An avid DIYer, sparkle-loving, all things fabulous addict, her shop features bright and fun home decor accessories and gifts. When not in the shop you can find her interior decorating or visual styling events and photo shoots.

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  1. Thanks for the tips I use most of them, but will try the descriptors in the search area!


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