Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Persimmon Pearl

Meet Cyndie Jarrett of Persimmon Pearl from Bristol, Connecticut.

"I have always been making things, I love to do all things from scratch. I'm kind of a purist that way. My grandmother taught me so many things, coming from the Ukraine, she did everything from scratch. I mean growing the flax, picking it, spinning it, weaving it...amazing! I still have a cloth that she wove when she was 16 years old! I love that kind of thing, history, art, antiques. Because of her, I love all fiber arts, as mentioned below.

"I am an avid gardener, animal lover/ dog trainer, bookkeeper (don't know where that came from!), I am passionate about life and an all or nothing kind of girl. Because I am a tree hugging, birkenstock wearing hippie type, I am all about being eco-friendly, and am obsessive about living life as naturally as possible. I have chemical sensitivities which is somewhat limiting, but even before that, I have always been a nature lover, label reader, and anti- chemical in just about everything.

Those are just the highlights of me, but like Shrek, I am like an onion....so many layers!!!

I am a self taught...well pretty much everything! I love fiber arts, have been sewing, quilting, weaving, spinning, knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, braiding etc, for many years. About 12 years ago I started making jewelry, stones, sterling silver, beads and such, with my daughters, we mostly did home parties. When they didn't have time anymore, I put jewelry making on the back burner for a little while. Then I just couldn't stop thinking about new designs, kept a pad and pencil by my bed, you know the feeling! At the urging of family and friends, I decided to go off on my own as Persimmon Pearl, and opened an Etsy shop. I was invited to the Whole Foods farmers market, and did a few other shows, which is opening up another world to me.

I am inspired by so many things, colors, patterns, designs, something vintage. But what I often find inspiring is a certain stone, or bead, or chain, then right away I get an idea for it, I never know though, exactly where it will take me. I am not a neat creative person, I try to be organized, but that usually doesn't happen. I tend to start many projects at once, especially when ideas are flowing, and try to keep those components together, or put it in my creative journal, then when I might not be as much on my game, there it is!!! This seems to work for me, even though it may be messy at times!

The most exciting thing so far in all this, is I have finally been able to take jewelry/metalsmithing classes since January 2015. Something I have always wanted to do. So the adventure continues....

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