Monday, August 31, 2015

Collaborating to Start an Etsy Shop: Mother-Daughter Team

When we first started our Etsy shop, which came shortly after my daughter, Glynnis, decided to make more bracelets to sell rather than give them as gifts for her friends, I was doing all the computer work and photographs while Glynnis made all the jewelry.  As we sat together talking and working, I'd watch Glynnis design something and got inspired to make something, too.  I've never been a creative type other than fun art stuff with my children when they were little.

I found that I loved working with my hands and making something pretty for someone else to enjoy. As we gained more experience and learned more about design and colors, we started to venture into different mediums such as silver and gold.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to connect with Glynnis on this level.  We bounce ideas, pictures, etc. off each other as part of our design process.  It is important to both of us to get feedback.  My prospective is from an older different generation whereas she is young and sees trends on her friends that inspire her.

Now that Glynnis is in high school and has more responsibility (homework, sports), I'm doing much more than I thought capable of.  AND I really enjoy it.  I especially love when someone tells me how much they like something I created.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Glynnis will share ideas with me as her time permits.  I usually construct her designs.

As I said before, I am really the sole contributor to our Etsy shop.  I am a gardener during spring, summer, and fall, so the bulk of the work on Etsy gets done in the winter.

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Diane of DiGi Jewels: It's my daughter, Glynnis, whose beaded stretch bracelets inspired our shop. We worked together to get the shop up and running, but she was the one to design and create. Now that she is a freshman in high school, I have taken over most of the running of our shop. She will design something and I'll construct it. I've been creating pieces now for over a year. I love the time we spend together. 
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  1. Great blog post and beautiful jewelry! My favorite piece from their etsy store is the American Girl Doll BoHo Silver Bracelet. I also favorited their page and like your page on Facebook .


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