Thursday, August 6, 2015

Local Love: Sara Zinn Photography

Meet Sara Zinn and take in her beautiful photographs.  "I opened my business, Sara Zinn Photography, a couple years ago. It started as a side business and I catered to mostly my friends and family. For many years, I had worked at a high volume portrait studio, unsure if I wanted to bite the bullet and pursue my OWN photography business.

This past January, I made the decision (with the support of my loving husband) to move on from my job at the studio and dive into my business for myself! More and more clients were finding my business (not just family and friends anymore!) which helped fuel my decision.

I am a newborn, children, and family portrait photographer! I offer a few different types of portrait sessions, but my favorite, and my specialty are styled sessions for kids! My styled sessions (I call them Whimsy sessions!) are sessions designed with the child in mind. It's built and created around their interests, personality, imagination, daydreams, favorite stories, favorite color, etc! I began offering these sessions because I realized more and more clients wanted props in their sessions. I saw other photographers offering styled sessions, which are great, but I wanted to do things a little differently, kick it up a notch! I wanted to offer my clients a truly unique, customized portrait with a theme built around their child and who they were at that age!

I offer products such as Canvas wraps (my favorite product to sell!), Custom image boxes, Albums, Framed prints, Digital files, and Gift prints. My goal is to give my clients amazing products that they can enjoy for years to come!

I knew that to run my own business I would spend more time on the "business" side of things, rather than taking portraits (which is my favorite part of the job), but I never really knew how time consuming it would really be! When you are the one and only employee, the many tasks of running a business can become daunting, especially when you first open your business (building your brand, figuring out your workflow, and promoting yourself!). What has helped me with these challenges is to talk and network with other seasoned business owners! They give the best advice because they have already encountered those challenges!

I recently began working with a designer for my styled sessions (The lovely Alonda from Designer Dwellings!) and it's been a blast brainstorming and coming up with session ideas with her! We recently styled an Alice in Wonderland session, you can check it out on the blog,

Every couple of months or so, we have mini session events, or 'mini whimsies!' These are smaller styled sessions, designed with a specific theme. The most recent session was our Superhero Themed Mini Whimsy event on July 19, 2015, at Northwest Park in Windsor!"

For more information about sessions, recent sessions, and events, 

Phone: 860.306.7210


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