Friday, June 26, 2015

Bidding Farewell.

The Nutmeg Collective is comprised of an ever-evolving group of crafters.  Members join us to make connections and find resources, and along the way great friendships are built.  Occasionally, though, the time comes that a member leaves the group for bigger and better things.  Today we'd like to highlight a few of our outgoing members and encourage you to check out their shops.

We are bummed to be losing the great Lee Berman of The Octopress.  Lee has been a source of humor for the group, and also led our members in a fun screen-printing workshop.  He will be missed as he makes the move to New York.  Check out his shadow boxes and cards.

We are so thrilled for the newly-minted Doctor Jenn Honeycutt of Petite Maus.  She recently earned her Ph.D. from the University Connecticut, and we are losing her to the universities of Boston.  We wish her the best at her new job, and hope you will check out her gorgeous jewelry.

Kevin Peloquin of Rad Dad Tees is one busy guy, and with a new job at a local college, he's decided to close up Rad Dad when his stock is gone.  So hurry and get one of his humorous tees for the best dad you know, quick!

Christiane Burkhard of Lismi Knits is on her way to Germany with her family, and her shop will reopen on July 2.  Once it does, you should definitely take a look at her gorgeous hand-dyed yarns and patterns.

While these members are on to new ventures, we still have a ton of great active shops for you to check out.  Find them here!  And if you would like to join the Collective, our application can be found here.

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