Monday, May 11, 2015

Shopworks: Screen Printing Demo

With so many skills represented in the Nutmeg Collective, we've started up a series of workshops for our member shops -- shopworks, if you will. Some members of the Nutmeg Collective recently gathered for our first shopwork, a screenprinting demo by Lee Berman of The Octopress. Lee showed us the basic steps to screenprinting, including some low-cost approaches perfect for packaging.

Lee makes screenprinted shadow boxes and cards, available in his shop The Octopress.

Kaci White of Tinymack: Obsessed with finding cozy, playful clothes as special as her toddler, Kaci took things into her own hands and started sewing. After filling her daughter’s closet with beloved handmade clothing, Kaci opened Tinymack, a line of playwear for babies and kids where softness, comfort, and color are paramount. Join Kaci in her quest to outfit kids with the coolest handmade clothes in the world, one closet at a time.
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  1. Nice pictures, Kaci! What a fun night. Thanks to Lee for sharing his time and teaching us all a new obsession!


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