Monday, June 15, 2015

10 Signs Someone is a Maker

The Nutmeg Collective is a group of makers, and we've found some very common traits among ourselves.  Here's our Top 10 ways you can tell that someone you know is a maker:

1. They have paint, glue, or glitter on their hands or in their hair more often than not.

2. The dining room table is used for anything and everything but eating.

3. They're wearing a unique piece of jewelry, clothing or bag that they made. If they didn't make it they can tell you which one of their talented friends did.

4. Their shirt is often covered in threads.

5. They collect free and available things they don't necessarily need and keep them "just in case". They may be useful one day!

6. They know how to wait for sales at the craft store, then stack coupons, so they can get the best deals possible.

7. In a craft store, they're usually talking to themselves.

8. They have no immediate use for it a particular supply, but they buy it anyway because they know it will one day be that "perfect thing" for a future project!

9. You can find scissors, assorted pens/markers, and tape in their bag or car.

10. There really is no available storage space in their house. 

What would you add to the list?  Tell us in the comments! 


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  2. Getting lost in a craft store for hours and feeling like you have only been there for minutes! :)


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