Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tutorial: Dry Lip Scrub & Balm

In the cold winter months, there are some days when lip balm is not enough to combat extremely dry lips. On these days, a lip scrub is the ideal way to remove dryness and heal lips. This is a simple do-it-yourself lip scrub. All ingredients used in this are organic. You will need:

  • a small microwave safe bowl or double boiler 
  • a fork 
  • a spoon 
  • organic unrefined Shea butter 
  • organic extra virgin olive oil 
  • organic coffee 
  • organic sugar

  • 2015/01/img_1987.jpg

    1. Measure one spoonful of organic unrefined Shea butter into a small bowl.


    2. Add one spoonful of organic extra virgin olive oil.


    3. Melt in the microwave for about 30 seconds, whip with a fork.  It should appear as above. 


    4. Add in one spoon of sugar and one spoon of coffee and whip some more.


    5. Let the mixture set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.  It will set and become more solid.  For the first use, I added slightly more sugar to mine.  I also kept some without the coffee, so I rotate with the scrub & just as a plain moisturizer.  Apply by rubbing in circles on lips.  Remove by wiping with a napkin.  I do not recommend licking.


      The before picture of very dry lips, 
      resulting from jogging in below freezing temperatures.


      After one day of use, my lips feel incredible! This recipe works fabulously for dry lips, plus it can also be used on extremely dry feet or hands.

    Erin Egan of Pure Naked Soap is a mom to three girls and social worker by day, but at night she is a creator of body nourishing foods and skincare products. Diagnosed with multiple allergies, Erin makes most of her foods and all of her soaps and skincare products from scratch. Using whole ingredients that meet the needs of her body, she found that many other people were interested in the simpler and truly natural soaps. Check out her selection of body friendly products!

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