Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Melley Nelson Design

Trish Nelson runs Melley Nelson Design: Architecture, Pen & Ink, and Anything Else.  Trish's pen and ink drawings are a meticulously crafted, thoughtful gift for anyone who loves their home.

"I am in architect, mother of three, and constant doodler.  I work part time with a construction company, I do residential renovations and additions, and I have an entire line of cards that I can't get out yet because they are just not right....but soon, someday.

My mother sold the house I grew up in several years after my father died.  She said a house needs a family.  My brothers and sister were already married and I was living a fun life up in Cambridge, so she had a point.  I drew a pen and ink picture of our home, made copies of it for my siblings and we all cried.  And then I started doing it for friends in book club, donating to the kids' school, and so on and so on.  Most everyone I have worked has a great story about the home I am drawing- good memories past, present or future."

To see more of Trish's amazing work or to request your own drawing,
please visit her on Etsy or Facebook.


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