Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Thing: Your About Page on Facebook

Our One Thing series is all about fitting an action into your day that is fast, efficient, and hopefully, effective for your business. Today, one of the quickest and most effective ways you can market your business is to make the connection between your personal profile and your Business Page on Facebook.

When someone hovers over your name in Facebook, a pop-up of of your profile picture, cover image, and various information is shown.  If you're comfortable connecting your Business Page to your personal profile, here is how to show that as the first, and easily clickable, line of the pop-up.

Go to your personal page, click on About, then click on Work and Education.  You can click Add a workplace or edit the one you have entered. When you click in the Company field, type your Facebook Business Page Name and you should be able to link to it from Facebook's suggestions.  Fill in the other relevant information, set your permissions for this to Public, and Save Changes.

Now, when anyone hovers over your name in a group or discussion, your business is the first thing he or she will see.  Soon, we'll follow-up with a great way to use this One Thing to market your business even further - stay tuned!

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