Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Northwest Park Sugarhouse in Windsor

In Connecticut, cold nights and warm days bring sap for sugaring in the early spring.  Join Tracy of Lily Pad Prints and her family on a quick photo journey at the Sugarhouse in Northwest Park in Windsor.

"The best part was they let you go get the sap from the trees (if you wanted) and then they showed you how they turned it into syrup. My daughter loved it."

Sugar master Chuck Drake operates the park's maple sugaring process in the Northwest Park Sugarhouse.

Friends of Northwest Park Pancake Breakfast is a large yearly event to celebrate the maple sugaring season.

Northwest Park is located at 145 Lang Road, 860-285-1886.  Visit the park in late winter and early spring to learn all about syrup-making.

Tracy Kavanaugh is the photographer behind Lily Pad Prints. She lives with her husband, daughter and 2 cats. She loves photographing the beautiful flora and fauna of New England and has made it her mission to spread the love she has for nature through her photography.

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