Monday, May 16, 2016

One Thing: Get a Critique

Our One Thing series is all about fitting an action into your day that is fast, efficient, and hopefully, effective for your business.  Today, ask a peer to give you a critique.

When you are the center of your business, your blog, or other important project, you can get so wrapped up in the details that you don't see the overall picture.  Asking a peer to review what you're putting out there can give you a fresh perspective and allows you to see your work as an outsider would see it.  A critique can provide feedback on wording, photos, color schemes, ease of use, correct links - any number of details that can add or detract from the user experience.

Just be aware that asking for a critique may provide constructive criticism, so be prepared that not everyone will love what you do - and be open to changes or other ideas.  However, only make changes if they feel right to you - not every comment will be a good one.  Also, seek out a peer who does what you do or something similar so they can offer up some "insider" tips.  An independent set of eyes can help in even the smallest ways.

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