Friday, October 23, 2015

Seasonal Spotlight: Calendars

We are getting a jump start on 2016 by featuring some of the calendars available from our members.  From perpetual to desk to advent to dog to baby countdown (and count-up), there is an excellent mix for collecting and gift-giving.

Lily Pad Prints has 2016 Desk Calendars with themes of flowers, Connecticut and fine art black & white photography.  You can see all three calendars and details of the beautifully photographed images here:  Lily Pad Prints Calendars


Your 2016 can be filled with dog musicians of all kinds with RiverDog Prints' Desk Calendar featuring watercolor drawings of the canine variety.  A clipboard is included to display or hang the calendar in the spot of your choice.  RiverDog Prints Dog Desk Calendar


QueenVanna Creations has so many options for calendars!  Check out the Baby Countdown and Count Up wood block calendar, as well as many colorful perpetual wood block styles.  She also creates incredible Advent calendars that are interactive for your whole family.  Be sure to browse all the options here:  QueenVanna Creations

Cyn Thomas is the illustrator, designer and pattern maker of RiverDog Prints. Her paper goods and gifts are guided by earth, animals, function, food and cocktails. You can also find Cyn canning in her kitchen, walking her dog, being outnumbered by her boys and husband or reading herself to sleep.
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