Monday, October 5, 2015

One Thing: Believe in the Value of Your Work

Believing in your work is crucial, but sometimes believing your work has value is hard. 

People ask for discounts, groups ask for donations to raffles, everyone wants a bargain. Believing that your work has value helps you to say no, or negotiate fairly, or work out a deal that works for both you and your customer. So many handmade businesses price their items too low. 

If you browse Etsy or other handmade markets, this becomes clear very quickly. There is a basic formula used to price handmade items - sometimes the number you end up with might be surprising. Would someone actually pay that? Yes, someone would pay that. They’ll pay because they cannot make the item themselves, or don’t have the time or ambition to do so, or the quality of your creation will be better because of your experience, or because handmade is awesome! 

So many sellers think “bargain” prices mean selling more. The reality is that handmade shoppers looking for quality items disagree. Bargain pricing could mean pricing yourself out of the sale. Your price communicates your product’s value to the consumer and is a major factor in your success.

Believe in yourself!

Vanessa Felie, aka "Queenvanna" juggles a husband and two blond pixies while running her burgeoning paper arts and crafts business, QueenvannaCreations. Her job and family inspire her to create crafty projects for holidays, vacations, as well as times when there's just not much going on. Perpetual calendars and other home items, scrapbooking album kits and personalized gifts of all kinds - She looks to add a little flair to everything she makes, to put some extra fun in to daily life, as well as special occassions.
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