Monday, October 26, 2015

One Thing: Know Your Target Market

You set out to sell a product or to reach people with your blog, but you find your sales and traffic are lacking.  What can you do to help get yourself out there?  Know your target market.

Your target market is the specific type of customer or reader you want to reach.  They are your people- the ones who will buy (and love!) your products, or the one who will faithfully read your posts.  Think about who it is you are trying to reach - age, gender, socioeconomic status, hobbies and interests, etc.- and create a character.  Is your ideal customer a woman in her 20s with disposable income, or is it a stay-at-home dad who loves to cook?  Who do you see in your head when you make your products or write your posts?  Who are you most trying to connect to and why?

Once you have your model customer in your head, it's time to think about how to reach them.  Are there media outlets specifically geared toward your guy or gal: mommy-based websites, Instagram accounts, local media, and so on that can help get you connected?  Take your content to where your type of people are and reaching out to someone who can help connect you to their followers.  Develop a marketing plan that will tell your customer why you and they are a perfect match, and use social media to develop your brand even further.

Kristen Skelton of Milo and Molly is a self-taught sewist, Kristen who runs her business while staying at home with her two small children.  Fueled by an endless supply of tea, she sews late into the night when the house is quiet, most often accompanied by her faithful poodle, Casey.  Stop by and see her collection of bold modern accessories and home goods.
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