Thursday, October 15, 2015

Propagating Herbs at Summer's End

Summer’s end doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to basil, lavendar, rosemary, thyme and other delicious herbs that spice up your daily menu. Through propagation you can bring your herbs indoors over the cold winter months and continue to grow them and best of all- use them in your favorite recipes. The process is very easy. Below is an example of how to propagate basil but the method can be used for other herbs.

What you Need:

Jar of clean water
Approx 4” cutting from basil plant
Potting soil
Small planter pot or decorative coffee cup

What you Do:

Using a knife-take a cutting from the basil plant. A knife is preferred to cut the herb stem as scissors can squish the stem too much at the bottom.

Place the basil cutting in a jar with clean water, be sure to change out the water every few days so it doesn’t get cloudy, keeping water fresh is key.

Your basil cutting will start to sprout roots. As soon as the roots grow to about half or to an inch, prepare a small planter pot or large coffee cup with potting soil, stick the cutting in the soil, and firmly press down in soil so cutting stands upright. Continue to water the herb as needed and as it grows you can continue to enjoy making pesto and other dishes with your indoor basil plant and even give away some of your propagated basil plants as holiday gifts, simply plant them in a colorful planter or cup.

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