Friday, April 24, 2015

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Ma.  Mom.  Mother.  Mommy.  Mama.  MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!

Let's help this woman know that she's the best advocate, therapist, boo boo-healer, and toy finder on the planet. Let's give her something special.  It could be big or small - $3 or $3000 - made by local artisans or by her own little artists.  Just something that communicates "Hey, we wouldn't be here without you.  But we're glad we are here WITH you."

This gift guide comes to you from dedicated Connecticut-based artists and artisans of The Nutmeg Collective.  You're sure to find something special for the mom in your life.

1.  Flying Free Swallow Necklace by One Indigo Moon - A bird serves as a symbol of life, freedom, and exploration - valued by moms across the planet.

2.  Spa Gift Set from Poor & Pretty -  She deserves every second of pampering she can get.

3.  Mary Chicken Tee by Hickster Tees - Mother Hen, of the Hipster Variety.  Enough said.

4.  Custom House Painting by Melley Nelson Design - She brought you up in this house.  Help her remember the good memories there.

5.  Personalized Zip Pouch by Milo and Molly - She's carried around your sundries for too long.  Now, give her a stylish way to carry hers!

6.  Calendula Calming Soap by Pure Naked Soap - You're the reason she needs to calm down.  Also, Mom STILL deserves every bit of serenity and self-care she can possibly get.

7.  Blue Beaded Earrings by The Tiny Wren - Because one day, Mom will miss little hands tugging on her dangly earrings.  She'll put these on, and probably cry, and tell you all the sweet things you used to do.

8.  Reclaimed Barn Wood Dresser by New Antiquity - Give her something awesome to pass along to you one day!

9.  Sailor's Anchor Pullover by Cinder + Salt - Mom is the family anchor.  Prove it.

10.  Honey Lip Balm by Treefort Naturals - see #2 and #6.  I'm not kidding.

11.  Painted Bamboo Utensils Set by Designer Dwellings - you can get these in any color - show that special mom you care enough to know what her favorite color is.

So, whether you are the mom, have a mom, or know a mom - join us in celebrating Mother's Day.  Cheers!

Katherine Lile is the chief basketeer and queen bee of Rhymes With Smile. She learned coiled rope basketry and quilting from her mother, and hopes to pass on some awesome crafty skills to her own two children. For now, baskets and quilts take up most of the magical Kid Naptime Hours. When not at the sewing machine, you can find her growing tomatoes, enjoying the outdoors with her family and dog, or trying to drink an entire cup of coffee while it's hot.  Facebook | Twitter | Email

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