Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Whipped Soap

This has been an ongoing experiment, which started when I began making my own dog soap. Puppies need a pH of 7 and most cold process soap falls above that range. I began by mushing up soap and adding vinegar to shreds to lower the pH. I would wash the dog by rubbing my soap shred vinegar mush to her. A few weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea, now I am using this to wash my hair, wash my dog and I will be posting some whipped soap scrubs shortly on

This is a very simple DIY recipe:
  • Shredded cold process soap of your choice - must be made with lye (sodium hydroxide) 
  • Apple cider vinegar ( I used Bragg's Organic) 
  • Water (I used distilled)

1. Measure about 2 small handfuls of soap shreds in a microwave safe container

2. Add a large spoonful of apple cider vinegar to the shreds

3. Microwave shreds and vinegar about 30 seconds - does not smell good the ACV is strong. 
Be careful -- it gets hot.

4. This is about what my shreds looked like when I added about 1/3 cup of water. 
 Microwave again 30-45 seconds. 
 Watch while microwaving, it bubbles & needs to be stopped before it bubbles over.

5. Remove from microwave & whip with fork, be careful it will be hot.

6. Mix until shreds dissolve more.

7. This is how it looked shortly after. I shook it a few times in a mason jar.

8. After sitting overnight in the mason jar, I whipped it a little with a fork. 
 I added a few drops of tea tree to this batch, because it is my own shampoo now. 
 Dog doesn't get tea tree, she gets rosemary!

I love it! I will be continuing to play with the recipe to get a thinner more liquid mixture. This will be on within a month with a Honey Bunny Whipped Sugar Scrub mixture!!

Erin Egan of Pure Naked Soap is a mom to three girls and social worker by day, but at night she is a creator of body nourishing foods and skincare products. Diagnosed with multiple allergies, Erin makes most of her foods and all of her soaps and skincare products from scratch. Using whole ingredients that meet the needs of her body, she found that many other people were interested in simpler, truly natural soaps. Check out her selection of body friendly products!
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