Monday, March 16, 2015

One Thing: Use Social Media Tags.

What is one thing can you do today that's quick and easy to accomplish that can help run your business in a better way?  We already suggested some ways to tweet smart to connect with your followers, so now it's time to reach out to others in your community that you wish to interact with.  The easiest way to do this is through social media tags.

There are two main types of tags:  a hashtag and an "at" tag.  

A hastag, initiated with a number sign (#) is an unspaced phrase used to identify a group of similar comments.  Hashtags are searchable, so if you click on one, you can see who else is tagging the same thing.  Many groups and businesses online use branded hashtags to connect with followers and reach out to their community.

At "at" tag, using the @ symbol and the person's or business's username will usually trigger a notification to a person's account that someone is tagging them and commenting about them.  It's a great way to give a quick shout-out to someone whose product you like, whose blog post is a good read, or whose an awesome member of the community.  Many times, you'll get a comment back, and if you do, you can start a dialogue.

By using tags, you are putting yourself out there to connect with others, plus it makes your social media posts searchable.  Others may find you through a common hashtag or a trending topic.  A few words to the wise: just make sure not to overdo it.  Too many or excessively long hashtags can be an annoyance to followers, as can persistent spammy tagging.  Make sure you are genuinely tagging someone to give kudos, and keep the amount of hashtags to the most important ones for the best results.

What's one quick thing you can do to help your business?
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Written by Kristen of Milo and Molly.  Kristen runs her business while staying at home with her two small children. Fueled by an endless supply of tea, she sews late into the night when the house is quiet, most often accompanied by her faithful poodle, Casey.

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