Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Little Fingers Gifts

Heather Ranz is a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom with three kids ages 9, 7 and 5. Come peek inside her shop, Little Fingers Gifts.

“I have always been a well-rounded creative person, earning art awards throughout school. I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specifically in Ceramics. I love all arts and am truly happy doing many things, drawing, painting, sculpting, welding, and now sewing. I never thought sewing would be a medium that would make me so happy, but I find that in the reviews and comments of satisfied customers, I found a home.

I have taught myself everything - my mother or grandmother weren't sewers (and wonder where it came from?) and I love new challenges. I use my own designs and patterns I have found here and there. I am learning all the time and enjoy the feedback that parents are so thrilled to share in making my products better.

My shop has been open for just a few years now. I have given and sold my gifts for almost 10 years, though. I started sewing when my husband and I got pregnant with our first child and I lived in the middle of nowhere western NY where there weren't many choices for baby items. So, I made my own. Other parents saw them and asked for some....and then they asked me if I could make them this and that....and I said I would try! And, I did! I still do! I love making things for parents, because they need them. My gifts are fun and flirty, but they are also functional. As a mother of three, functionality is important!

I do lots of custom work - it's where I thrive. I love picking the fabrics, the coordinates and putting together gifts for people in all budgets. I truly believe that 'Every baby deserves a handmade gift.' I am just a regular person and I am the only one employed at Little Fingers Gifts, so I do all the purchasing, planning, designs, public relations and customer service. I want my customers to feel comfortable with me so that I can provide them with exactly what they want. A nursery is a very special place. So, I talk with my customers relentlessly until we get it right and then I create and ship off their goodies to enjoy. When I see a little one enjoying a teether or using a bib or sleeping with a blanket or wearing a romper, it just makes it all worthwhile."

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