Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shop Spotlight: InDee Designs

Denise Pace is the sole creator of In♦Dee designs and a jewelry artist, primarily working with Fine Silver Art Clay, Bronze Clay and Sterling Silver.

"Through my creativity process, I strive to always improve on my designs and skills and to make jewelry that is creative, elegant, unusual, and enjoyable to wear. One thing I enjoy is experimenting with new materials and techniques to develop unique designs. As a result, my work is constantly evolving and growing in new directions.

My love affair with Fine Silver began when I discovered the new medium in the 1990s. I was ecstatic to find a local gallery offering a workshop and participated in learning the entire process of creating with the Fine Silver Art Clay. As time passed I have expanded my interest in other precious metal clay including Bronze and a mix of Sterling Silver and Fine Silver clay (also known as 960).

Art Clay Silver, Bronze Metal Clay and the Sterling/Fine Silver mix is an eco-friendly metal clay, consisting of 100% recycled metals, organic binders and water. When the metal clay is fired, the organic binders burn away and becomes a solid piece of pure fine silver, Bronze and Sterling Silver mixed with Fine Silver.

The jewelry that I create from metal clay is hand formed, sanded, kiln fired, given a light patina to accent details and polished to perfection."

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love learning about other's crafts. Such an interesting process. And I love, love, love Denise's work. Great spotlight!!

  2. Thank you for featuring InDee Designs in the Spotlight!


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