Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Designer Dwellings

Alonda Baird-Juhasz combines home accessories with bold new colors and designs in her shop, Designer Dwellings.

"I'm a political science graduate turned color maven. I spent a few years in the corporate world and I decided that it was time to head onto law school. I researched the local colleges and decided that instead I would quit my job and launch a design business. Make sense? Nope! However, it was the right decision.

For years I had offered interior and event theme coordinating services as a creative outlet and it was something I truly wanted to pursue. July of 2013 was the best month ever - I waived goodbye to the corporate world, walked down the aisle with the best husband ever, traveled cross county on our honeymoon road trip adventure and officially launched Designer Dwellings LLC. A few months later I opened my Etsy shop as an extension of my interior decorating business.


In my shop, I combine home accessories with bold new colors and modern designs. I love adding fun and unexpected pops of color to a space.

It all started at my coffee table with a few bamboo utensils and trivets that I painted in a few fun colors. After a bit, I took over the dining room and now I run out of an actual home office. I always wanted a corner office with a view, I just never expected that it would be on the second floor of my home. Every week, I look for new color palettes and items to expand the Designer Dwellings brand."

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  1. Alonda is really creative! Colorful home accessories are truly a hit, specially to Moms who like decorating their homes with vibrant fixtures to make it more lively. By the way, opening an etsy shop aside from her physical shop is also a smart move to broaden her range of customers. Thanks for sharing about her amazing shop! It’s truly worth visiting for. :)

    Mattie Lawrence @ Awesome Online Advertising


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