Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One Thing: Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

Our One Thing series is all about fitting an action into your day that is fast, efficient, and hopefully, effective for your business. Last time, we connected your personal profile and your Business Page on Facebook.  Let's go one step (or One Thing) further and join a relevant group on Facebook.

From your Facebook homepage, you'll find a column to the left listing Favorites, Pages, Groups, and more.  If you click on Discover under the Groups heading, you'll be taken to a page of suggested Groups in many categories that may be relevant to your business. 

As you search for a group that suits your business, read the descriptions provided on the individual Group page in the right-hand column. You may need approval from the Administrator of a Closed Group, but if you are selecting a relevant group, approval usually happens quickly.

Facebook Groups are about participation, conversations, and sharing of ideas and resources.  Linking to your own content is usually a no-no. Bringing value to a group through real engagement via comments should be your goal. If members of the group are curious about who you are and what you do, they can hover on your name, see your business link, and click through to your business page.

There are so many groups to choose from that could help your business grow.  It's exciting to find business peers, potential customers, or a wealth of business knowledge right at your fingertips.  Good luck and happy searching!

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