Monday, June 27, 2016

Chemistry Rhymes with Ken Fredette Illustrations

Our member, Ken Fredette, has been working on a project called Ken worked with the site's creator, Alice Baxter, to illustrate elements of the periodic table.

From the About Page of the site:  "The goal of this website is to have some fun with chemistry and learn about the elements of the periodic table at the same time. When you click on an element, you will find a verse or song about the element, based on a common nursery rhyme or song. Each verse is illustrated, and you can listen to the rhyme being sung or read. Explanations of the chemical principles used in each verse are explained by clicking on the link below the verse called 'learn more about…' If you need a refresher on the nursery rhymes that are used, just click on the name of the nursery rhyme or song."

Visit to view Ken's work and learn about the elements in an entertaining way!

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