Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Cucumber Salad

Summer calls for cold drinks, cook outs and crisp salads. This cucumber dish has simple ingredients and whips up in minutes.

Want this cutting board? You can find it here.

What you need:
3 english cucumbers (or 4 peeled garden cucumbers)
Handful of cherry tomatoes
4 strips of bacon (plus extra for snacking - I'm not here to judge)
1/4 cup mayo
Dash of onion powder
Salt & pepper to taste

1. Spiralize (or dice!) your cucumbers. If using garden cucumbers, place in colander and lightly salt to drain. 10 minutes should do the trick.
2. Cook up that bacon nice and crispy, then crumble.
3. Halve the cherry tomatoes.
4. Place your cucumbers in a bowl and stir in the mayo and seasoning.
5. Fold in your tomatoes and bacon.
5. ENJOY! Best served while bacon is still crispy.

This is a flexible salad - you can pop in some fun additions. Try grilled chicken, avocado, corn or olives. Let us know what you add!

Written by Alonda Baird-Juhasz, owner of Designer Dwellings, who believes in adding color to life. An avid DIYer, sparkle-loving, all things fabulous addict, her shop features bright and fun home decor accessories and gifts. When not in the shop you can find her interior decorating or visual styling events and photo shoots.

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