Friday, February 26, 2016

Support the Spark Makerspace

Down in downtown New London, an amazing initiative is underway.  The Spark Makerspace is currently in the process of fleshing out a community-run workshop and learning center open to the general public.  From their About page: "Members pay monthly dues and get access to a full woodshop, commercial kitchen, 3D printers, a CNC machine and laser cutter, robotics lab, screenprinting equipment, shared office space, retail space, and much more."  Basically, if you are a maker and can't afford some fancy equipment, Spark has it and they are willing to let you use it.

For The Nutmeg Collective, as a group of makers, this is an awesome endeavor for us to see happen and we are totally in support of Spark and we hope you will be too.  This makerspace will allow people to grow on their small businesses or expand a hobby that may have been limited due to lack of equipment,

Spark is currently running a Kickstarter to crowdfund their project and are three days and just over $5000 shy of their goal.  If they do not reach the goal, no money will be donated, so it's super important for us as a community to help!  Every little bit counts, and they have some pretty fantastic rewards for backers.

See their Kickstarter here to watch a video about the space and learn more about the project.  And even if you can't support financially, please consider sharing their Kickstarter page on social media!

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