Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shop Spotlight: The Blue Twig

Meet Virginia Kemp of The Blue Twig from West Hartford

"I'm a Michigan native who married a Connecticut native. We have three kids who are adorable, funny, exhausting, curious and sometimes cranky all wrapped into one. I was a clinical social worker (in a previous life) who loved living all over (San Francisco, Chicago, Colorado, DC, Spain). I am now a converted New Englander who is very content living a more quiet existence with the above mentioned in our cozy old home.

The Blue Twig offers a rare collection of antique and vintage prints as an alternative to mass market decor. Only the most beautiful and interesting works on paper make it into the collection. The prints I'm most drawn to lend themselves well to more eclectic and even modern home interiors. I will often pair a 150 + year-old print with a clean understated frame to give it an elegant modern feel.

The Blue Twig Backstory: After working in the social work field for over a decade, I turned to full-time motherhood for several years. As our little ones became more independent, I began to think about shifting gears professionally. We moved to West Hartford around this time and I started to search for unusual art for our new home. I discovered the world of antique prints and was hooked. Soon our walls were covered but my hunt continued. My growing collection of curious old paper needed a home. The Blue Twig was born.

Owning my own business has been a fantastic adventure. Despite the amount of hours it takes to make it work, I feel incredibly lucky to wake up in the morning excited to take on my experiment in entrepreneurship."

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