Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Nutmeg Natuals / The Felt Haus.

Meet Jennifer of Nutmeg Naturals and The Felt Haus- two shops in the Nutmeg Collective dedicated to natural products using natural ingredients as well as bright colors!

My name is Jennifer and I am a native Nutmegger.  I am originally from Enfield, but now reside in the central Connecticut River valley area.  I am a wife, mom to a wonderful one-year-old, as well as a mom to my four-legged babies: a golden retriever, a miniature schnauzer and two cats. I have two Etsy shops, Nutmeg Naturals, which specializes in cold-process soap, laundry soap, and wool dryer balls, and The Felt Haus, a home for all the other little felted goodies I enjoy making so much. I enjoy working with bright colors and natural ingredients, and strive to make my customers happy with the products I offer.

I started out with an interest in soap-making after receiving a huge bar of natural soap for Christmas one year. I have always had very sensitive skin, and was stuck using a certain brand of soap most of my life because it was the only kind that would not make me break out. I loved the natural soap I received as a gift, and started to wonder how soap was made. After researching, reading and taking classes, I began my soap making journey."


To see more of Jennifer's products, find her at Nutmeg Naturals and The Felt Haus,
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  1. Lovely spotlight(s)! Gorgeous goods in both shops :)


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