Monday, November 24, 2014

Packaging Ideas.

Hi everyone! Patti here, from Easton Place Design Studio. Today's post is all about beautiful packaging ideas. None of them break the bank, but all of them tell your clients they've purchased something special. Let's dive right in...

I love everything about this pulled-together-look! It's clean, simple, understated and classic. Here's something fun... these labels are free printables! Just click HERE to go to the site. She offers many printable labels and tags. Go have a look!

This is such a sweet Up-cycled idea for pretty packaging. And here's a tutorial on how to fold the little bags. As far as the pages... check your local library for when they might be hosting a book sale. Large books can sometimes be just $1-$5. The thing I would add to these photos for business packaging, is a custom logo stamp. They cost $20-$50 depending on size, but well worth it! I'm happy to help you with that if you're interested.

I adore simple, clean packaging. This shop has just that. You don't need much to make a statement! The matte boxes are terrific. Simple square elements and clean lettering make a sophisticated statement without breaking the bank.

The unassuming glassine bag... it's wonderful! You can make it look modern or give it an antique nod. It works well with foods, soaps, fabric goods, paper goods... so many items look pretty in a glassine bag. Your items slightly shine through, but aren't fully visible. Add a single stitch or zig-zag and it's just the added touch you need to complete the look. You don't sew, no worries. A single line of mono-adhesive or washi tape will seal the bags. Please refrain from using staples. They can look messy and can also poke fingers. There are many shops on Etsy that sell glassine bags in sets of 50 or 100. If you don't want to take the plunge of ordering a large quantity, give one of the Etsy shops a try. This shop sells 50 bags for $4.50. It's not a huge investment.

Other bags that work well are cello and parchment. In this example, the seller has done a terrific job of adding a belly band with just their company name and product name. It's both simple and modern.

This is specifically for those displaying and packaging bracelets and necklaces... How simple and cute are these chain holders. You could include these in a square jewelry box to keep your chains from tangling during shipping. I would, again, use a custom logo stamp or sticker to brand each tag. This is also a candidate for mono-adhesive. No staples please!

Lastly, these are some packages I use to offer when I sold stationery. The clear boxes allowed the pretty cards to shine through while the twine and ribbon, along with the simple logo card, gave the package a polished look. The cards were ordered through I highly recommend them. They offer high quality card stock in a variety of sizes. Terrific customer service as well. You can design the cards via their site, or upload your custom image.

For more packaging inspiration, and to see the links for all of the images above, please head to my Packaging Pinterest board. If I can help you with your packaging needs, please contact me.


  1. Great post!! Exactly what I need right now :)

    1. So happy you've been inspired, Jayne! Cheers!
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