Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shop Spotlight: Quark Tees

Meet Hadria Beth of Quark Tees out of Manchester, Connecticut!

I am a fine artist with a passion for science, puns, and cartoons. Smash all those together and you get Quark tees! In addition to my t-shirt company, I also write a weekly webcomic called Microcosm. Microcosm explores our solar system with a unique blend of astronomy, science, and humor. So not only is it funny, it's quite educational as well! I have a BA in Fine Art and I am also a lover of fantasy so I create quite a bit of fantasy art as well.

I began making t-shirt designs for a small company back in 2007. While I only worked there a year, I really enjoyed the idea of people wearing my artwork. Years later, I began submitting my t-shirt designs to a website called Threadless, where they judge your designs and will print/sell them if they score well with the community. I had some success there, and one of my designs in particular went semi-viral. People were asking where to buy it on a shirt, but I had none.

Realizing that I really have a talent for t-shirt design, I decided to start my business. I used the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to get my business started and had an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign.

My process begins with a good nerdy design idea. I create my designs using Adobe Illustrator. Once complete, I send them to my screen printer, who prints them for me onto transfer sheets. Using a heat press, I am able to place my designs on all sorts of products - shirts, hoodies, bags, etc."

Find more of Hadria's products on her website
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