Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shop Spotlight: Little Bee of Connecticut

Meet Scott Priore of Little Bee of Connecticut out of Southbury, Connecticut.

"My wife and I have resided in Southbury, CT with our 11 year old daughter since 2003. We love to go skiing, relaxing by a warm campfire, and traveling the world. When not beekeeping I work as a packaging engineer for a consumer goods company.

To be honest, the idea of starting a small business scared me. What did I know about starting a business? It's been 18 months since we launched and with support from friends and groups like the Nutmeg Collective, we continue to grow and look toward the future.

We like to describe our products as "Unique & Affordable Gifts From The Hive" and have selected items to produce such as hand rolled candles and solid perfumes that are not commonly found. Everything is handmade in small batches by our family and only include simple, minimal ingredients.

My journey to becoming a beekeeper started in 2012 with a trip to a Farmer’s Market in Rhinebeck, New York. My daughter and I approached an observation hive in one of the booths. While she was trying to find the queen bee, I had a conversation with the local beekeeper about how he got started. A few books on the subject, along with beekeeping classes taught through Flanders Nature Center in Woodbury, CT, and I was ready for my first two hives. Fast forward several years later and a simple hobby has spiraled into 10 hives and the creation of Little Bee of Connecticut.

The name “Little Bee” was a part of our family long before beekeeping was. It has been our daughter’s nickname since she was a toddler. Her Winnie the Pooh toy would say “Little Bee likes to go, go, go…” as she chased it across the floor. When our first hives were in place she took an immediate interest in the management of them and naming the business after her just seemed natural."

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