Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shop Spotlight: Flax Relax


Meet Molly and Jamie, sisters and owners of Flax Relax, from Norwalk, CT.

They created their line of heat + freeze body wraps and eye pillows in 2010. They are strong believers in the value of entrepreneurship and find owning their business incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Molly and Jamie had the idea for Flax Relax when their grandmother, Ginny, gave them a rice filled heating pad in an old plaid print. They liked the concept of the heating pad - all-over body relief and soothing comfort at your fingertips - but they wondered, what if they could update its look and seek out the best, most effective ingredients for the filling? With help from their grandmother, Molly and Jamie learned how to sew on her old sewing machine.

After doing some research, they came up with a blend of flaxseed, wheat berry, and lavender for the filling -- all chosen for their natural and healing benefits. They also chose fun, splashy prints that contradicted the average holistic product, after finding that most heating pads on the market were lacking an element of fun and beauty.


Molly and Jamie hand-sew and hand-fill each body wrap and eye pillow. Quality and craftsmanship is important to them, as well as using the best natural ingredients. They currently sell their products in their Etsy shop and on their website, along with some retail stores and yoga studios. They are looking to expand their line, adding a handful of wellness and lifestyle products, in the coming months.

See more of Molly and Jamie's wraps and pillows in their Etsy shop, Flax Relax or on their website.


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