Monday, May 18, 2015

One Thing: Set Up Your Avatar.

An avatar is a small icon that represents a person's online persona.  Avatars can be a person's head shot, their logo, or any other graphic representation of that person online.  Most social media platforms have them, and when you are setting up your account, it is one of the first things you are asked to fill in.  For some, if you do not provide a photo, you are left with the stock image that the platform uses.  On Twitter, this is an egg.  You do not want to be an egg.

As a business owner, you want to make sure that you have a professional-looking avatar that represents your business- it's often the first look someone gets of you online.  Without a custom avatar, your account not only looks unused and neglected, but it gives a potential client no idea who you are.  You either want people to see you, or you want them to identify your business through your branding.

Some quick tips for businesses on social media:
  • Avatar graphics should be sharp and sized appropriately to avoid getting cut off or stretched out.
  • Graphics should be professional- ask youself: if your boss was looking at your account, would you be embarrassed by the photo?
  • Make sure the image is easily identifiable. You don't want someone wondering, "What is that?"
  • Use a consistent image over all your business-based social media accounts.  This helps with branding.
What's one thing you do to help your business?

Written by Kristen of Milo and Molly.  Kristen runs her business while staying at home with her two small children. Fueled by an endless supply of tea, she sews late into the night when the house is quiet, most often accompanied by her faithful poodle, Casey.

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