Thursday, January 28, 2016

Local Love: EcoWorks

Have you heard of creative reuse? Learn about it from EcoWorks creative reuse center in New Haven, CT.

"I'm one of the founders of a group called EcoWorks, a creative reuse center for the arts. We incorporated in late 2012 and really got off the ground in 2014. Two of the founders had been dabbling in creative reuse for many years and decided it was time to organize a reuse center that would provide materials, teach folks how to use the materials and showcase products and wares from CT artists that upcycle or repurpose. We are currently run completely with all volunteers.

We sell art supplies; scrap from industry, business surplus and donations from individuals, often downsizing their home craft room or perhaps retiring from teaching the arts. We also sell upcycled goods made by local artists and provide workshops. Our customers are very diverse; some visit us just for the yarn, fabric or tiles; others don't know yet what they're looking for until they find it. Our reBoutique store consigns with local artists. If someone is interested in consigning with us, we ask basic questions about their work, website or photographs and the reBoutique committee makes determinations based on a number of issues including: do the items fit in with our other inventory, if we have space for it, if we think it will sell with our customers, etc.

We work by committee! This is a blessing to us, because we all like working with each other, but to the business-as-usual folks, we likely appear to move slow. But we have processes we try to follow including hearing from everyone. It's also definitely a challenge that we're all volunteers. We hope 2016 will be the year we can hire someone to work with us.

The hardest part is that everything needs to happen now, you never have time to do it now and really its about forgiving yourself (and your partners) that you can only do your best. Our best has worked out so far."

262 State Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Open Thursday 1-7pm
Saturday 10-4pm

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