Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Treefort Naturals.

Meet Jessica Eveleigh of Treefort Naturals, offering all-natural soaps, creams, salves and more. Her items are made using vegetarian, organic and local ingredients, some of which even come from her own garden. Natural bath and body items make great gifts and Jessica offers a wide selection of scents and styles.

"I'm Jess, a Connecticut mom and owner of Treefort Naturals. I have a background in art education and I have always drawn creative inspiration from the great outdoors. As a family, we enjoy watching the painter turtles hatch in our yard every spring, building fairy houses in the trees and tending to our herb and vegetable gardens. I am a hopeless sap (I cry every time I watch the movie Rudy) and my toenails are always painted blue. I also enjoy hiking, yoga, sewing and spending time with family at the beach.

 "A few years ago, I began a lifestyle overhaul. I started seeking out more healthy and environmentally-conscious products for myself and my family. I became an avid label-reader and was pretty disgusted by the ingredients in everyday commercial products. As I explored ways to make my own things, such as laundry detergent, household cleaners, and soap, I realized how much better these simple homemade recipes using all-natural ingredients were for my family and for the environment. Knowing exactly what I was using to wash my kids was a pretty great feeling and I soon realized that making soap was becoming my creative outlet as well.

"When there was more soap curing on racks than we could ever possibly use or giveaway, I thought it might be fun to try to sell a few bars. The name "Treefort" seemed to fit just right and reflect my style and mission. To me, the pure and simple goodness of the "wonder of the woods" embodied what I wanted my little company to be all about. I started selling my products at my local farmer's market and decided to open an Etsy shop to have an easy way to share my products with out of town friends and family. 

Over the past couples of years, Treefort Naturals has continued to grow while maintaining small batch, handmade quality. From sourcing and growing raw ingredients to creating the labels and packaging, the entire operation is homegrown with passion and care. A commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a feeling of responsibility to the environment are at our roots. 

All Treefort products, including our old-fashioned, cold process soaps are handcrafted in Colchester, Connecticut. Our ingredients are carefully selected and we love sourcing locally from Connecticut farms and suppliers. We also choose certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Treefort Naturals specializes in truly natural bath and body products. You will never find a synthetic fragrance, dye or preservative in any of our products-just simple goodness!"

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